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So what goes into each jar?

fresh cucumbers

Fresh Produce

We've teamed up with the guys at The Peoples produce to make sure all our produce is local, in season, super fresh and spray free/organic where possible, misfit fruit and veg is always  our first go too, naturally.

It's great to work with Kieran and Anies who share the same passion for great produce that we do.

Drawer Gift Box

Planet first packaging 

Did you know that a lot of labels on products aren't recyclable! We thought that was mental so we joined forces with Myerton Packaging, who have a huge focus on sustainability and answered our prayers for a recyclable label!


On top of that all of our packaging apart from the postage label is now either recyclable or compostable even our mailing satchels can be popped into the compost bin we think this is pretty cool and hope you agree.


The best Australia has to offer

Use great produce, create excellent products! It was our mission to find the best ingredients Australia has to offer to put into our recipes. Whether it's the lovely apple cider vinegar from The Vinegar factory in Yenda, Nsw. Or The cold pressed canola oil from Block275 north of Perth in Eradu, right down to the salt from lake Deborah in WA

Recycling Bin

Waste not want not

Oh my goodness! The amount of waste that's generated by the food industry truly makes the mind boggle. That's why we've implemented small steps now that can scale with us as the business grows.

We buy in bulk where possible thus cutting down excess packaging to recycle. 

Last year we invested in a few worm farms so we could stop our food scraps going to landfill, we've already had to get a bigger set up so the worms can keep up.

Pile of Books

Over 20 years of knowledge

With 20 years in professional kitchens, Dom learnt a thing or two (you'd hope so). 

From classic French techniques to modern gastronomy, brining vegetables to add more flavour or adding a gastrique (vinegar caramel) to give  relish more richness and depth. The end goal no matter what the technique has always been the same, to make things taste great!

Helping Hand

Supporting local

When you buy a jar, you're not just supporting us, you're supporting a wider community of small independent producers and businesses who are creating awesome products which in turn makes our products shine! 

Thank you!

Jar Return Scheme

Bring um back!

Did you know that we offer a jar return scheme, yep that's right, once your finished with your condiment of choice, just give the jar a good clean but worry about taking the label off, then pop down to the next market were at and trade them in, in return you'll get a nifty little stamp on one of the 10 jars, for every jar you bring in you get another stamp, and once you've got 10 stamps, with your next purchase* you get a free product.

No hidden strings just a nice simple way to close the loop.

*Only available at the markets

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back of the mulberry pig business card
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