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A jar of bread and butter pickles sit on a wooden shelf

About Us

We love food! What we love more is making it taste GREAT.

           Here at The Mulberry Pig, we believe that every meal should be anything but ordinary, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Flavour-packed  our collection of artisan condiments are guaranteed to  turn the mundane into marvellous!

Made using only the best ingredients we could find, from Australian locally sourced seasonal fruit and veg to  gourmet small producers, from Apple cider vinegar to lake Deborah lake salt we personally chose every ingredient  to bring out the best flavour in all our gourmet products! 

Crafted with over 20 years of culinary experience and knowledge working in professional kitchens our small batch condiments will turn  even the simplest of meals into a culinary masterpiece.

Hi I’m Dom, proud founder and chef behind The Mulberry Pig, born and raised in the Uk I started my career in professional kitchens as a kitchen hand at the age of 14. I soon realised that not only did i love good food but that i had a passion to learn how to cook it. 


I moved to Perth, Western Australia when i was 21 and instantly felt a connection with the people, lifestyle and exceptional produce!


It was when i was working in Perth that I fell in love with the slow and transformative art of pickling and preserving and became obsessed with making new flavour combinations (that id never seen in the shops), using great quality produce (that id never seen on the label),to create condiments made with traditional techniques for the modern palette. 

The founder of the mulberry pig

Meet Dom

After working on my first creation Smoked onion marmalade (an ode to the red onion marmalade from the first restaurant i worked at) i thought this was quite fun, this also tastes great, bugger it lets start a business! 


And that’s how The Mulberry Pig came about, a love for the craft, a love for the produce and a love of eating.


A fridge or pantry filled with a selection of condiments is such a great tool box to be able to create memorable meals no matter how busy you are, a quick dollop of sweet chilli jam or splash of bbq sauce can turn the most average meal into something special!

Why should a condiment "just" be a condiment

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