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  • How Long will my delivery take?
    We use Australia post for all our deliveries, we aim to post your package the next working day and Australia post state on their website that once received it should be delivered within 3-10 business days, if your package still hasn’t turned up don't hesitate to contact us so we can get to the bottom of the problem
  • What is the shelf life of The Mulberry Pig condiments?
    The Mulberry Pig prides itself on providing high-quality, artisanal condiments with a generous shelf life. Our condiments, such as chutneys, preserves, and sauces, typically have a shelf life of 6-18 months from the date of production. However, it's important to note that the shelf life can vary depending on the specific product and storage conditions. To ensure optimal freshness and flavor, we recommend storing our condiments in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, refrigerate the condiments and consume them within a reasonable time frame. Our commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives ensures that you can enjoy our condiments for an extended period while savoring their exceptional taste and quality. If you have any further questions about the shelf life of our condiments or specific products, please feel free to contact us.
  • Are The Mulberry Pig condiments suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
    But of course! All of our condiments are vegan apart from the lemon curd, which contains dairy and egg products.
  • Are your products gluten-free?
    Yes they are. We wanted everyone be able to enjoy our handcrafted products! We made the change to make all of our products Gluten-free at the beginning of 2022.
  • How should I store the condiments after opening?
    Once opened our products should be stored in the fridge, make sure you use a clean spoon, handle them with care and our condiments will last you upto 3 months.
  • Where can I buy The Mulberry Pig condiments?
    You can shop online, or at one of our lovely stockists around WA, or if youd like to meet us in person and have a chat, Check out the where to find us page to see which local markets we're at.
  • Do you offer gift packaging?
    We think our packagings pretty lovely but I’m afraid we dont offer actual gift wrapping at this moment in time, we are working on some hamper style gifts that will include more WA/Australian artisan products to gift to that special someone some time later this year.
  • Are there any preservatives or artificial additives in your products?
    Because we use old school preserving methods such as water bathing and use highly acidic additions such as apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice there really is no need, the only thing that may happen is a slight change in colour but that never hurt anyone.
  • Are your condiments spicy or suitable for those who prefer milder flavours?
    Although our condiments aren’t particularly spicy there’s definitely some that should be steered clear from, If this is you we'd recomend you take a wide berth from our Chilli garlic sauce, sweet chilli jam, beetroot relish and slow smoke hot sauce.
  • Can I return or exchange a product if I'm not satisfied?
    Although we are more than happy to refund a damaged product (just email us with a photo and your order number) I'm afraid we don't offer refunds due to personal tastes. find our full return policy at the bottom of the page.
  • What do I do with all the packaging?
    Although we try to minimise packaging, it is still necessary for us to delivery your products safely and undamaged. But have no fear! Apart from the delivery label on the satchel everything else is compostable even the satchel! We’ve teamed up with the guys at heaps good to try and reduce our impact on the planet, we're super happy to be able to offer this and we hope you are too!
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