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Use great produce, Create excellent products

Using only the best produce Australia has to offer, from fruit and veg at the peak of its season to high quality oil from Block 275 or apple cider vinegar from The vinegar factory. Ive always been a big believer in that if you only put great stuff in you'll always end up with a great product when your done.


The pantry plan

With over 15 years experience in professional kitchens and a passion for making everything from scratch, I thought why not stock my own pantry with delicious things I enjoy eating ( I do love a good sandwich). With a lot of trial and error and many, many cheese toasties later,  my pantry and fridge were filled with all the tasty treats I could of asked for and then it crossed my mind if I enjoy eating these surely someone else must!

and here we are today


Preserving the Now, for later

Each season brings a new abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and with it new ideas on what  to pickle and preserve, always learning and evolving, the true joy of cooking, how many condiments are too much? I guess the real question is how big is the pantry and as long as you guys keep eating it that's all a boy could ask for.

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